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Schlander 1 Building


Saturday 27th November 2010

Bob Thompson

This pub looks very impressive from the outside yet on entry it seems smaller than you think it would be.

The largest part of the main room is on the right and that's where the bar counter is. Beyond that is a separated smoking room.

On the left is a smaller area mainly used by diners and this is where the kitchen and toilets are.

Schlander 2 Small Brewery
This street-corner local brewpub has one of the smallest breweries I have ever seen. Yet, it produces some of the best beers in Berlin. There is a good Dunkel that is not at all sweet and the Hell is a beautiful beer with citrus notes.

On a subsequent visit there was a special in the form of Märzen, which was superb. There always seems to a special of one sort or another and I've had several on subsequent visits and they were always excellent. The food looks good too.

Schalander 4 2023 BeermatSchalander 3 2023 Room









March 2023 from Vaughan: Beers: Schalander Pils, Dunkel, Wheat, Special - cold hopped; plus the two new photos above.

Important Update March 2023 from Vaughan Machin:
Schalander has moved to a new address. It looks like they took the brewing equipment from the old place and the beers were precisely as Bob described in the original article.
The new location is on old industrial unit eight minutes walk from Warschauer Staraße S-bahn.

Important Information:

Schalander, Bänschstrasse 91, Berlin-Friedrichshain 10247. Tel: 030 8961 7073
Open: Monday to Friday 16.00-24.00; Saturday to Sunday and Holidays 12.00-24.00
You can walk to or from Frankfurter Allee U and S-Bahn stations in about eight minutes.

Revaler Strasse 99, Haus/House 9 (on the RAW site), 10245 Berlin- Friedrichshain
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 15pm Sunday form 14pm. Tel: +49 30 94512299